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Waziup IoT Platform is:

  • Free and Open-Source
  • Long range with LoRa network
  • Working with or without Internet!


WaziDev is a Sensing and Actuation platform for your applications! It can send your data up to 7 Km using the LoRa technology. It is easily programmable and customizable, using Arduino technology. It is an ideal solution for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to rapid prototype a IoT applications. Its features include:
  • Arduino Pro Mini compatible CPU
  • RFM95W LoRa module
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino development environment
  • Embedded Lipo battery charger for solar panels and low power options
  • Two pins with high current support (500mA)


WaziGate is a IoT LoRa Gateway, ideal for all your remote IoT applications. The Gateway can cover up to 100 IoT Sensors and actuator nodes using LoRa radio network: Weather stations, soil monitoring, GPS applications... The possibilities are endless! The Gateway can also control your actuators, such as electro-valves. You can host your own applications directly in the gateway, and connect to it through WiFi. The gateway can easily work without Internet connectivity and still provides data to end-users through its embedded database and web-based visualization module. The WaziGate features:
  • Edge capacity to host your applications
  • LoRa communication up to 10-12 Km
  • Permanent Wifi hotspot
  • Wifi/3G/Ethernet internet connection
  • Data upload with HTTP, MQTT or even SMS.
  • Low power consumption
  • Automation
  • Remote management


The WAZIUP Cloud platform allows you to manage your sensors, actuators and IoT data. WAZIUP Cloud platform offers everything that you need for your application:
  • Remote connection of your sensors and actuators
  • Send, receive, collect, store and analyze the data they generate
  • Manage your users and their privacy
  • Turn that data into actionable insights, in real time
  • Using SMS or mobile application for notification
  • Standard IoT protocols (HTTP and MQTT).
  • Open REST API for application development
  • Control your gateways from remote