IoT Edge Platform

  • Long range with LoRaWAN network
  • Runs your applications at the Edge
  • Working with or without Internet
  • Open-Source

Edge Gateway

WaziGate is an IoT LoRaWAN Gateway, ideal for all your remote IoT applications. The Gateway can cover up to 100 IoT Sensors and actuator nodes: Weather stations, soil monitoring, GPS applications. The possibilities are endless! You can host your own applications directly in the gateway. The WaziGate features:

  • Edge capacity to host your applications
  • LoRa communication up to 10-12 Km
  • Wifi/3G/Ethernet internet connection
  • Automation & remote management
  • Low power consumption

Our Development Boards


WaziDev is a development board Arduino compatible with LoRa and embedded antenna

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WaziAct is a LoRa actuation board that can control sensors and actuators

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WaziHat Pro Single

WaziHat adds LoRa functionality to the Raspberry PI

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WaziSense includes on-board LoRaWAN and sensors

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Cloud Platform

The WAZIUP Cloud platform allows you to manage your sensors, actuators and IoT data. WAZIUP Cloud platform offers everything that you need for your application:

  • Remote connection of your sensors and actuators
  • Send, receive, collect, store and analyze the data they generate
  • Turn that data into actionable insights, in real time
  • Using SMS or mobile application for notification
  • Control your gateways from remote
  • Extensive API for developing your own application

IoT Prototyping Kit

Waziup provides free IoT Development kits to makers to facilitate the rapid prototyping of their solutions. The kit offers all the features to help developers & startups prototype and deploy their solutions rapidly. It includes:

  • WaziDev with embedded LoRa module
  • WaziGate: Edge computing LoRa gateway
  • Solar panels
  • Sensor kit
  • Casing
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