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API V1 Gateways

This tutorial will show you how to connect your gateway to Waziup. First of all, open the API documentation available at https://api.waziup.io/docs. With this website, you can explore and interact with all the endpoints of the Waziup API.

Simple gateway protocol

As a simple approach, a gateway can just push datapoints on existing sensors on the platform. The sensor and measurement should be created beforehand on the dashboard. To create the sensor, follow this tutorial. We will not use any authentication, so the sensor need to be public.

We are now ready to push a new datapoint! Follow those instructions to push the datapoint. Once pushed, you should alerady see the new value displayed on the dashboard!

Complex gateway protocol

Gateways can create the sensors themselves (instead of having to create them manually on the dashboard). In order to maintain privacy, a token should be obtained before each call. Once this is done, datapoints can be pushed. A suggested protocol is the following:

  1. Get a token: GET api/v1/auth/token. See here.
  2. Verify if the sensor exists: GET /api/v1/sensors/<sensor_id>. See here.
  3. If a 404 is received, create it: POST /api/v1/sensors. See here.
  4. Verify if the measurement exists: GET /api/v1/sensors/<sensor_id>/measurements/<measurement_id. See here.
  5. If a 404 is received, create it: POST /api/v1/sensors/<sensor_id>/measurements. See here.
  6. Finally, push the datapoint: POST /api/v1/sensors/<sensor_id>/measurements/<measurement_id>/values. See here.

This protocol takes care of creating a sensor and measurement for the owner of the sensor. It then pushes the datapoint.