Waziup Capacity Building

  • WaziLab: Learn IoT through live prototyping
  • Solution Lab: A key-in-hand IoT Lab
  • Innovation Accelerator


The WaziLab is a platform for learning and teaching IoT through live prototyping. It simplifies the prototyping process for startups through better hardware accessibility, guided prototyping, IoT capacity building and initial business support for startups. It features:

  • Online courses at your own pace
  • Live prototyping and solution building
  • IoT Lab management
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Solution Lab

Solution Lab is a key-in-hand solution to equip your lab for teaching advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, Edge computing, Artificial Intelligence, Training and Computing resources. These resources are hardware, software and courses resources, and is packaged in an integrated and consistent way. The lab includes:

  • Open source IoT hardware and software with rapid prototyping kits.
  • Development tools, libraries and platforms for AI
  • Open IoT cloud platforms for data
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Waziup Innovation Acceleration

Hackathons and Bootcamps

We organize hackathons and bootcamps, where tech enthusiasts come together to solve specific challenges. These events include courses and hands-on activities. We help you with:

  • Event Hosting
  • Marketing and Pomoting Events
  • Providing Mentorship and Guidance

From idea to product

Accelerate your startup success with Waziup’s support from ideation to market launch. Develop a customer-centric MVP and stand out with a clear value proposition with our startup toolset. We help you with:

  • Problem statement and identification of success metrics
  • Sustainable and innovative solution idea
  • Iterative prototyping
  • Scale-up and investment
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Waziup Certification

Get Certified

Advance your IoT knowledge with Waziup’s Certification: we offer online tutorials, webinars, and hands-on training for individuals, institutes, and SMEs of all skill levels. Start your journey to IoT mastery today!

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